MAVEN Developments seeks to take the Egyptian real estate market in a bold new direction.

Progressive and inspiring, our projects are ambitious and creative: maximizing potential wherever it’s identified, we make already stunning locations spectacular, and design living environments that embrace and enhance the natural landscape that surrounds them. We choose sites that amaze, ones that offer the best opportunities to create something truly breath-taking and which make perfect use of the available space in our product design and investment selection process. A MAVEN Development gives our residents the opportunity to fulfill their aspirations, to live a life where every moment is a pleasure by offering a sophisticated, customized residential experience that is perfectly sized and specified to suit their needs. The unparalleled expertise of our planners, architects and designers ensures the ultimate in sophistication, quality, practicality and customer focus. Progressive and intelligent yet humble and authentic: that’s Maven.

Our Sister Company

MAVEN Developments’ American sister company, The Riverwards Group is Philadelphia’s premiere luxury new construction development group. Staffed largely by Philadelphians and with an enviable reputation for its vision and high standards of construction, The Riverwards Group has a personal approach to the building process. One of their driving forces is a deep desire to give back to the community: the Group has big plans including developments built specifically for those who serve their communities, and transformational schemes for otherwise forgotten nooks and crannies, turning them into functional spaces for home buyers, renters, and commercial use.

The Riverwards Group is a major exponent of collaboration with home buyers and renters, and believes that communication and transparency during any real estate transaction is of the utmost importance. An educated consumer is a powerful one, and empowering the client is what sets The RiverWards Group apart from the rest.

Our Values

Quality: Every MAVEN Development is designed and built without compromise to the most stringent international standards.

Expertise: At MAVEN, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, our vision and our intellectual approach to development.

Frugality: We respect the environments in which we’re honored to work: we neither spend nor destroy more than we have to and pass on any savings to our clients.

Customer-centricity: Making homes and lives for people is our business, and we never forget that. Practicality: We aim to appeal to the rational, the authentic, the intelligent.

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